The Best Lice Combs You Can Buy

There are a lot of lice combs out in the market! It can be confusing to know which one you should buy when your child comes home from school with lice and you’re looking for treatment options quickly.

When it comes to buying lice combs, the factors you should take into consideration are;

  • Construction (how well made it is)
  • Effectiveness in removing lice and eggs

Stay away from any combs that have teeth that are short and/or made of plastic, those won’t be helpful at all. Here are two recommendations of lice combs that we feel are the best you can buy!

lice combs

Nit Free Terminator Lice Combs

This is absolutely the best lice comb you can buy. It’s made incredibly well, and is comfortable to use. It has a no-slip grip on it so you won’t have any trouble using it, even after putting conditioner in your child’s hair. The comb is laser cut, and guarantees that the teeth won’t move or separate, even after many uses. This comb will not only remove the lice, but also the tiny nits that stick to the hair.

LiceMeister Lice Combs

Another option is the LiceMeister Comb. It’s a well-constructed metal comb that will serve you well in lice treatment and prevention. The handle is fully sealed and doesn’t have any edges that may catch on hair as you use it.

In a comparison study done, the Nit Free Terminator was found to out-perform every other comb, including the LiceMeister and the combs that come with lice removal chemicals like Rid and Nix.

If your kids haven’t come home with lice yet, now is still a great time to purchase a lice comb for your home. Combing your child’s hair regularly with a lice comb is the best way to prevent a major outbreak of lice in your house.