Heads-Up on Lice for Happy Campers

Aaahhh! It’s camp season! And every season is lice season, wherever and whenever children gather in groups of any size there is camping lice. Most camps conduct head-checks on admission day. But in this environment there is a very good chance that a certain percentage of newly hatched lice (nymphs) and nits (eggs) will be missed, due to their size and camouflaging ability. So here are some tips:

How to Handle Camping Lice

camping lice*Get a well constructed metal lice comb, and comb your child’s hair before sending them off.

*Use mint-based products on hair (which have a 92-95% success rate in repelling lice).

*Have your child put their hair in a ponytail, braid or bun especially if it’s long. Since head-to-head contact is the culprit this will make it slightly more difficult for the buggers to do their worst.

*Don’t share pillows!

*Check and comb their hair with the lice comb immediately returning from camp.